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Therapy for Children and Teens in Milton Keynes

  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Support for childhood anxiety, low mood, stress, anger management, OCD, trauma and more
  • Empathetic team
  • Guidance for parents and caregivers
  • Specialise in working with children, teenagers and young adults
  • Free one-hour consultation
photo of Rachel Mendham, our Milton Keynes child therapist

Our Milton Keynes Therapist For Children and Teenagers, Rachel

Childhood and adolescence are essential chapters in your child’s life and although it can be an exciting, big adventure, it’s also full of changes and new experiences. 

Although these changes our children and teenagers undergo are common, they can also be tough for kids to handle on their own and that’s where The Youth Fairy can come in to help. 

In Milton Keynes, Rachel Mendham, our friendly, experienced child therapist, is a passionate advocate for the well-being of children and young people. She offers Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to help with a range of issues such as anxiety, low mood, behavioural problems, sleep troubles, self-esteem, OCD, stress, phobias and trauma. 

Rachel is highly experienced in tailoring her approach to meet the unique needs of individual children, fostering an environment where they feel understood, supported and motivated to make positive change. 

Whether you’re looking for teenage mental health support, help for an anxious child or other types of emotional support, Rachel is experienced in working with a wide range of concerns.

From building your child’s self-esteem to helping them navigate these difficult life transitions, Rachel’s compassionate care is here to nurture resilience.

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Exploring Our Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in Milton Keynes

There are many different types of Youth Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mental Health Services available to support young people and the Youth Fairy specialises in Solution Focused in particular. Your child’s particular needs will dictate the approach that might be best for them at any given time.  That’s why, in Milton Keynes, Rachel offers a free 1 hour initial consultation, in a nurturing environment, to discuss individual needs, best hopes and to explain how we typically work. Our aim is to get to know each other better so you and your child can make a more informed choice about the child therapy you are seeking. Our approach is particularly useful for children who would prefer to focus on the future, rather than revisiting past trauma and the Solution Focused approach very much places children at the forefront, empowering them to recognise and harness their remarkable strengths and capabilities.

Read MoreWe provide a safe and supportive environment, where children can explore the positive changes they would like to make without judgement. Differing from more analytical styles of youth counselling in Milton Keynes, our Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for children does not require them to excessively talk about or unpick past problems or trauma in order to feel better.

We’ll help them re-focus more on the positive aspects of their lives, recognise strengths and capabilities, improve quality of sleep and engage in more positive activities and interactions. We focus on helping children understand and feel more in control of their emotions, and develop healthier coping strategies.

It’s about equipping them with the tools and confidence for the long term, exploring their passions, instilling calmness and boosting confidence. By identifying their aspirations and guiding them towards a more positive future, we equip children with the tools and confidence they need for long-term success and to thrive in life.

To learn more about our child and teenage therapy in Milton Keynes with Rachel, book a consultation session today!

Specialised Focus

Rachel, our Youth Fairy Child Therapist in Milton Keynes, uses Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, which utilises tools and techniques from SFBT, CBT, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy, with an emphasis on younger children and teenagers. She is experienced with incorporating youth-specific methods to support young people handle worries, emotional difficulties and emotional developmental concerns more effectively.

Experienced Therapists

We are proud of our team of highly experienced child specialists who are passionate about child psychology and child development. We bring a wealth of knowledge and empathy, tailoring our approach to fit each child's unique needs. Rachel has always had a passion for working with young people and before becoming a therapist, she worked with children from all age groups, including as a teacher.

Supportive Family Involvement

We encourage family involvement to support the therapeutic process and we offer advice and guidance to parents about how to do this. From the Initial Consultation, where we explain how your child's brain works to create their specific problems to The Parent Pad area on the website, full of articles and top tips to support your child's mental health, we'll help you understand how to create a supportive home environment that complements our approach.

Our Child Therapy in Milton Keynes

When it comes to child therapy in Milton Keynes, Rachel is highly experienced in working with children and teens, fostering well-being and emotional resilience. Our goal at our Milton Keynes sessions is to create an environment where young minds can develop their potential in a nurturing setting. 

Every child is different, and so are their therapy requirements, which is something we take very seriously at The Youth Fairy. Our qualified child therapists in Milton Keynes are specialists in a variety of research-backed techniques designed to address the unique difficulties that children from all backgrounds encounter. 

Our Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy approach is here to help and advise your child at every stage, whether they are resolving behavioural issues, managing anxiety or adjusting to challenging life transitions.

Rachel’s in-person and online child therapy sessions are designed to be engaging and tailored to each child’s unique needs. With her expertise in using creative methods, Rachel helps children express themselves, develop coping strategies, and build self-esteem.

Rachel works with children from 7 years old to young adults and is able to adapt her approach to work with those with additional needs, special educational needs, disabilities and neurodiversity. She is an LGBTQ+ friendly therapist.

boy smiling after child therapy

Our Teenage Therapy in Milton Keynes

As well as younger children, The Youth Fairy Milton Keynes specialises in helping your child navigate the rollercoaster of teenage emotions too. We are aware of the stresses and difficulties that today’s teens need to overcome and Rachel, our child and teen therapist in Milton Keynes can assist in helping them to overcome anxiety, bullying, body image or self-esteem difficulties, peer pressure and school or exam stress. 

With the help of our Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy programmes, our child therapist in Milton Keynes can provide your child with the necessary tools to flourish mentally and emotionally.

Besides this, we acknowledge that parents and caregivers are invaluable partners in their growth. That is why we collaborate closely with you to ensure that our goals align with your child’s needs and your family’s values, providing regular updates and guidance on how to support your child’s progress at home.

Make an appointment for your initial consultation and take the first step towards improved mental health. Contact our child therapist in Milton Keynes, Rachel

Together, let’s help your child realise their greatest potential and create better and healthier habits for the future.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much to my daughter. She is radiating a beauty and confidence that has not been seen for such a long time."

Why Put Your Faith in The Youth Fairy?

If you’re seeking expert child therapy services in Milton Keynes, then please feel free to contact Rachel to learn more about how she can support your child’s journey towards emotional health and happiness.

With extensive experience in engaging young people and offering emotional support for children, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge to her child therapy and child hypnotherapy sessions and is dedicated to supporting your child’s well-being.

For those in need of a child therapist or child hypnotherapist in Milton Keynes, Rachel offers in-person appointments across Central Milton Keynes, East Milton Keynes, West Milton Keynes, Caldecotte, Browns Wood, Walnut Tree, Old Farm Park, Walton, Kents Hill, Broughton, Bletchley, Fenny Stratford, Bow Brickhill, Milton Keynes Village, Middleton, Monkston Park, Woolstone, Oakgrove, Woughton-On-The Green, Wavendon Gate, Wavendon, Simpson and Kingston.

And if you’re based outside of Milton Keynes, no problem, we cover a wide range of locations and our team of qualified solution-focused therapists and hypnotherapists is committed to providing the right guidance and support for your child. Check out our Fairies here.

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