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About the Sparkle Programme

£3606 Sessions

*Pay As You Go | £70 Per Session

Is your child’s potential being affected by anxiety, stress or low confidence? Are they more than capable of achieving success but struggle to muster up that superhero confidence and self-belief to sparkle when it matters most to them?

Perhaps they struggle with nerves when under pressure, become angry or frustrated when things feel like a challenge, are talented in a particular area and need to find that extra 1% to take their mindset to the next level.

The Youth Fairy SPARKLE programme is designed to give children that extra superhero confidence to perform at their very best when it counts. Areas we can help with include exam confidence, stage and sports performance, mindset blocks and public speaking.

Throughout the process they’ll learn what happens in our brains when we get anxious, frustrated or stressed under pressure and why this can affect out ability to take on new learning, forget our knowledge/game plan, make nervous mistakes or give up avoiding the pressure of a challenge.

Can Help To

  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Confident mindset for performance; sport, stage, exams
  • Develop a positive 'can do' attitude
  • Discover own strengths and capabilities
  • Improved learning and memory capacity
  • Remain focused and confident under pressure
  • Develop resilience; bounce back, let things go
  • See challenge as an opportunity for growth
  • Optimise sleep quality

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