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Treatment for Childhood OCD: What We Offer

  • Qualified OCD therapists specialising in working with children, teenagers and young adults
  • Support for teenage and childhood OCD
  • Practical strategies for coping
  • Underpinned by neuroscience 
  • Solution-focused approach
  • Flexible and creative approach to suit your child’s needs
  • Emotional understanding and support
  • Empathetic team
  • Guidance for parents and caregivers
  • Free one hour consultation
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Understanding Childhood OCD

Childhood OCD affects many children, significantly impacting their mindset at a growing age. When it comes to understanding childhood OCD, it can be helpful for parents and caregivers to understand how OCD is created in the brain and the many ways it can manifest itself in children and teens. 

OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder often presents in young children and teenagers as persistent and distressing obsessions and compulsions. Children suffering with OCD often deal with intrusive thoughts or obsessions that create intense anxiety, leading them to engage in irrational repetitive behaviours. These behaviours, known as compulsions, can alleviate anxiety but only temporarily. 

OCD can affect children and teenagers in many different aspects of their lives, from academic performance to social interactions and overall well-being. 

Children dealing with childhood OCD may often experience disruptions in their daily routines due to the time-consuming acts they feel compelled to perform. Besides, these obsessions and compulsions could also lead to further distress, frustration, fear and shame. 

At The Youth Fairy, we understand the nuances of childhood OCD and the impact it can have on young lives. As OCD specialists, we adopt a solution-focused approach to help children and teenagers deal with the thoughts that drive their behaviour and OCD symptoms. 

When it comes to OCD in children or teenagers and its treatment, we begin by acknowledging the unique symptoms your child experiences and empowering them with the neuroscience knowledge needed to manage their thoughts and symptoms more effectively. 

In this way, we aim to equip children and teenagers to overcome their challenges and live a confident, fear-free life. 

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How to Help Childhood OCD: :
Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

Dealing with childhood OCD can be challenging for your child, but it can also be challenging for you. Since childhood OCD can have a significant impact on family life at home, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms. 

At The Youth Fairy, we are qualified OCD therapists who understand that every young mind is different. Here are some common symptoms and indications that we work with to provide the right guidance for  your child:

Obsessive Thoughts

Children dealing with OCD often experience persistent obsessive thoughts. For some, these thoughts may revolve around fears of contamination, harm or potential danger. Over time, these thoughts cause significant anxiety and distress to children, impacting their everyday lives.

Compulsive Behaviour

When children perform repetitive actions or rituals, they could be dealing with compulsive behaviours. These behaviours are performed to reduce anxiety or prevent perceived harm. Some examples include excessive hand washing, counting and arranging items in a specific order.

Avoidance Behaviours

Children dealing with childhood OCD may avoid situations or triggers that worsen their obsessions or compulsions. This may cause your child to avoid specific places, objects or activities that trigger anxiety, leading to social isolation.

Fear of Losing Control​​

Children dealing with OCD may display a fear of losing control or acting on unwanted impulses. They may engage in rituals or mental exercises that prevent these fears from occurring. ​

When it comes to the treatment for childhood OCD, it is essential to understand and identify these signs and symptoms. As qualified therapists who work with young people with OCD, our Fairies work with your child to develop tailored strategies that can help them manage their symptoms effectively.

A Solution Focused Approach to Childhood and Teenager OCD with The Youth Fairy

When it comes to childhood OCD, it can be difficult to understand what your child is going through. At The Youth Fairy, our qualified OCD therapists understand the intricate challenges that every child dealing with OCD faces. This is why our Fairies are committed to providing the right guidance and support to you and your child.

By adopting a solution-focused approach, we believe in empowering children and teenagers to develop practical and solution-oriented techniques to manage symptoms. 

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Our treatment for childhood OCD involves equipping children with the knowledge to understand the neuroscience behind the thoughts that drive their OCD so that they can gain control. In this way, we help them develop effective coping mechanisms. With an emphasis on achievable goals and positive outcomes, over time, we aim for your child to feel more in control of their own life. 

At The Youth Fairy, we aim to ensure that every child feels understood and supported. By focusing on solutions, we guide children towards exploring effective ways to confront their fears. In this way, they build the resilience and confidence they need to deal with OCD.

Our goal goes beyond just helping with symptom management. We want to enable all children we work with to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. 

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much to my daughter. She is radiating a beauty and confidence that has not been seen for such a long time."

Why Put Your Faith in The Youth Fairy?

As a parent or caregiver, we understand how challenging it can be to watch your child struggle. If your child is dealing with OCD, it can be difficult for you to provide them with the support and guidance they need. 

This is where The Youth Fairy can help. With our team of qualified solution-focused therapists, we can provide the right guidance to your child. We are committed to a single purpose – helping your child thrive. With our treatment for childhood OCD, we aim to help your child feel truly supported and empowered. 

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