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Sian Noon

About The Youth Fairy

I’m Sian Noon, founder of The Youth Fairy, a growing team of solution focused therapists dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Our solution focused approach to therapy is modern, evidence based and actively encourages children to re-focus more on the positive aspects of their lives, recognise strengths and capabilities, improve quality of sleep, and engage more in positive activities and interactions with others.

All Youth Fairies have substantial experience working with young people in various settings and are collectively qualified in a range of approaches including Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Coaching, NLP and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Whether you are a parent seeking help for your child, a school looking for wellbeing initiatives to support your students and staff or you would like to become a Youth Fairy yourself and help to impact positively on children’s mental health, please browse the website to find out more.

Initial consultation

All Youth Fairies offer a free 1-hour consultation to discuss your child’s situation and how we can help them regain more emotional control and feel happier, calmer and much more confident in a relatively short amount of time.

We also passionately believe that educating children about their mental health is an essential part of the change process, so we’ll explain to you and your child how the brain works to create their specific problems and associated feelings, behaviours or symptoms.

This understanding is really motivational to children as they realise there is hope, see more clearly what we can do about it and show them how they can develop more mentally healthy behaviours in the future.

It’s also super helpful for parents too as it creates a common language to talk more easily with your child about their well-being and gives you specific ideas of how you can best support the process (and beyond).

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Therapeutic Programmes

Purchase Programmes in discounted blocks of 6 or PAYG (£70)

Find a Fairy

Multiple research studies have shown that finding a therapist your child likes, trusts and feels comfortable with is a really important part of the change process.
Click on the individual profiles to find out more about each Fairy, their contact details and to book a consultation with the one you and your child feels is the best fit.

Emily Frances

Bromley & Online

Laura Winter

Eastbourne & Online

Gisele Cotton

Brighton (Central) & Online

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