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Transforming the mindsets and lives of young people struggling with 


SMILE with happiness, SPARKLE with confidence, STRIVE to grow & succeed

So they can

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Theraputic PROGRAMMES: common concerns

A free, 1 hour consultation is offered before commencing any program or therapy session, which is an opportunity for me to meet you and your child and talk about how you would like the current situation to be different. 

I will also teach them about the different parts of the brain and what causes us to move from the rational, positive part that makes proper assessments of situations, to the more anxious, angry, depressed part. And because Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an approach that has evolved through clinical research and modern developments in Neuroscience, I will be able to explain exactly how and why this process works so effectively.  So, even if your child feels like they are not ready at this time to book in with me, they will leave the consultation with new strategies and an understanding of how to self-manage their mindset and mental health better in the future.


6 Sessions

Anxiety, Depression, Anger Issues, Stress, Negative Mindset, Intrusive Thoughts, OCD

 Boost feelings of overall happiness

 Feel calmer and able to go with the flow

 In control of thoughts, emotions and reactions

 Improved emotional and physical responses

 Develop a positive attitude

 Gain stronger sense of self and  self acceptance

 Develop resilience - bounce back, let things go

 Increased confidence and self recognition 

 Improve sleep; quicker and deeper


 Learn how the brain works to create anxiety,    anger and depression, how to break the cycle  and self-manage the process better in the future,  promoting more long term well-being and a  healthier mind.

Includes 6 x 1hr sessions, relaxation audio download, positive activity resources.

PAYG option available at £70 per session


6 Sessions

Low Confidence/Self Esteem, Exam/Public Speaking Anxiety, Sport & Performance Blocks 

 Boost confidence and self-esteem.

 Develop positive self perception and self worth

 Feel calm, relaxed and at ease in new situations

 Adopt a positive 'I can, I will' attitude

 Try new things, take opportunities, get involved

 Speak up, speak out, find their own voice

 See mistakes as a chance to grow, bounce back

 Stay focused, calm and in control under pressure

 Improve sleep; quicker, deeper


 Learn what happens in the brain when we  get nervous, anxious and lose our confidence in  the moment or over time.  Understand how  to self-manage maintaining control and how  to lock in some superhero self-confidence at the  same time.

Includes 6 x 1hr sessions, relaxation audio download, positive activity resources.

PAYG option available at £70 per session


6 Sessions

Loss of Motivation, Lack of direction, Negative Mindset, Dis-engagement, Addiction

 Re-discover motivation and drive

 Recognise own unique strengths and capabilities

 Boost self confidence and belief in own abilities

 Develop a positive 'can do' attitude.

 Engage & communicate with others positively

 Clarity on future, bigger picture, what they want 

 Feel determined to get up, show up, engage

 See challenge as an opportunity to grow/learn

 Improve sleep: quicker and deeper


Learn how the Hippocampus (or stress bucket) in the brain can fill up too much, inhibiting the amount of serotonin that we need to feel motivated, strong and able to cope calmly & confidently with day to day life.  Learn how to turn this around naturally to boost long term drive, energy and motivation to succeed. 

Includes 6 x 1hr sessions, relaxation audio download, positive activity resources.

PAYG option available at £70 per session

Areas of impact will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your child's individual needs, personal outcomes they have identified, engagement in sessions and effort with positive activities set in-between.  These are examples of  (and not limited to) the potential benefits of this particular programme.  


6 Sessions

Bullying can crush a child's confidence & self-esteem, the after effects remaining with them throughout life.  

 Increase confidence and sense of self 

 Develop positive self talk and attitude

 Let go of past events, move on mentally

 Strengthen resilience and positive assertiveness

 Cope calmly and confidently with issues in the future 

Includes 6 x 1hr sessions, relaxation audio download, positive activity resources.

PAYG option available at £70 per session

Phobia Free

3 Sessions

Remove a phobia with a safe, non-traumatic & calming process, no matter how long your child has had the fear for.

 Identify if phobia is SPECIFIC or NON-SPECIFIC

 Remove anxiety associated with the subject

 Feel calm, relaxed and neutral to the subject

 Stay in control of thoughts and reactions

 Live life free from the constraints of the subject

Includes 3 x 1hr sessions, relaxation audio download, relevant resources.  

If assessed as a non-specific phobia an alternative plan will be discussed in the consultation and price may vary.


Sian Noon


Clinical, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, NLP

The breakthrough - a term I'm fond of using to describe the moment in which I can clearly see the change in the young person I'm working with. 

For some, it occurs quickly, after a couple of sessions. For others, a few more.  Everyone makes change at their own pace. 


But when it happens, I am flooded with absolute pride for the young person in front of me.


That moment when a 16 year old boy, usually so insecure he talks with his head down, shielding his face with an overgrown fringe, walks in, dressed to the 9's, hair tied up, and sits open and upright in the chair with a big smile his face.


Being unable to get a word in, when a 10 year old girl, who struggled to think of any daily positives in session 1, barely takes a breath in-between the list of 15 she is happily reeling off.


Realising that the 15 year old girl, who was so terrified of the dark she still slept with the light on, walked to her session by herself at dusk. And the look of surprise on her face when you point this out because she hadn't even noticed - it just wasn't a problem anymore.


When the 12 year old girl, who was so shy and scared of saying the wrong thing that Mum had to talk for her in the consultation, struts in....yes struts...plonks herself down, looks you straight in the eye and just glows with self-esteem.



When a 15 year old boy, who had such crippling anxiety and paranoia that he hadn't been to school in months, stops on the way out and says, 'Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.  I've decided to go back to school next week.' No fuss, no fear, like it's the most normal, casual thing in the world.



There are many ways I can measure your child's progress throughout the therapeutic process. Self-assessment within sessions, feedback from yourself and other key figures in their life and of course, their own observations of behavioural and emotional changes too.


I'm also a member of CORP, a national research programme measuring the amount of clinical 'significant change' that takes place with each individual using this therapeutic approach. Your child (and you with their permission) can be shown their weekly and overall progress visually which can be lovely to look back over and see just how far they have come. 

But the breakthrough is something else. Impossible to fully capture with data, numbers and progress graphs.


It's that moment at which all the different elements of the process appear to come together.  Where they don't even appear to recognise the enormity of the changes themselves, even though we clearly can.  


Because this is who they are now.  Being that person they always wanted to be.


Happy, calm, confident, in control.


You can be confident your child is in an experienced pair of hands. In addition to training in Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy I also have over a decade's experience of working with children in an educational setting as a teacher and Head of Year, responsible for the social and emotional well-being of the students in my care. 


Part of my therapeutic process includes teaching you and your child how the brain works to create the issues at hand so they can understand why they have been feeling or behaving this way. They will learn strategies to help them take back control in the first instance, and then be able use this knowledge and skills to better self-manage their emotions and behaviours more easily in the future.


I am creative in nature and this allows me to be flexible and responsive to individual needs. With younger children I may adapt explanations to include their favourite characters or interests and use various sensory resources if necessary to encourage positive engagement.


​I have an up to date Enhanced DBS certificate and am a member of the following professional bodies:

  • National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH)

  • National Council Of Psychotherapists (NCP)

  • Association For Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH)



Testimonials & Feedback


To protect the identity of the young people I work with, names, including those of the parents giving feedback may be changed.  


Frequently asked questions



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