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About the Smile Programme

£3606 Sessions

*Pay As You Go | £70 Per Session

Do you ever notice that your child is feeling overwhelmed, excessively worrying, struggling to control their emotional responses or finding it difficult to cope calmly and confidently with certain day to day activities? Sometimes they can’t tell us why or communicate the reasons behind the way they feel.

Symptoms of anxiety, stress and low mood are not always easy to explain and can present with physical symptoms too such as tummy aches, headaches, feeling nauseous, repetitive behaviours such as muscle tensing/tics and sleep problems.

The Youth Fairy SMILE program works with children struggling with the symptoms and behaviours associated with anxiety, stress, anger, excessive negativity and low confidence. It’s designed to help them regain a greater level of emotional resilience, control and develop a much more optimistic, positive and confident outlook on life.

As well as helping them take positive steps towards their outcomes they will also learn how their brain works to create their specific concerns so they can understand why they have been feeling or behaving in these unhelpful ways. They will learn strategies to help them take back control in the first instance, and then be able use this knowledge and skills to better self-manage their emotions and behaviours more easily in the future.

Can Help To

  • Boost feelings of overall happiness
  • Feel calmer in everyday situations
  • In control of thoughts, emotions, and reactions
  • Increased confidence and self-recognition
  • Develop a more positive attitude
  • Interact with others more positively
  • Cope better with life challenges
  • Ditch unwanted habits: e.g device obsession
  • Improve sleep problems

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