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About The Youth Fairy for Schools

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Our Schools programme offers a number of options that support the mental health education and wellbeing of children and teachers.

Areas we can have a positive impact on include attendance, behaviour, performance (exam, sports, stage), engagement, retention, general wellbeing and we can tailor the programme to focus on your school’s needs at any given time.

Our wellbeing programmes, which combine solution focused talk and techniques with guided relaxation, actively encourage participants to re-focus more on the positive aspects of their lives, identify strengths and capabilities, build confidence and engage in more positive interactions with others.

All our work is underpinned by up-to-date research in neuroscience and part of the process involves teaching participants about this and helping them to understand what they can do more or less of in their lives to create more mentally healthy behaviours.

We also have outcome measuring software to evidence progress that can be used to show students, their parents and the school their ongoing and overall progress.

At a glance

  • Happy, confident, motivated, resilient pupils & staff
  • Primary, Secondary and Post-16
  • Group wellbeing programmes for students
  • Group wellbeing programmes for teachers
  • One to One Therapy for students
  • CPD for teachers & pastoral staff
  • Workshops for parents on children’s mental health
  • Understand the neuroscience of mental health
  • Outcome measuring software to evidence impact

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