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Therapy for Teenagers at The Youth Fairy

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Understanding The Need for Therapy for Teenagers

Why do teenagers need therapy?

Characterised by profound changes and personal growth, adolescence is an essential chapter in a young person’s life. During these years, teenagers deal with emotional fluctuations, physical development, changes in the brain and changing social dynamics. While everyone goes through these changes, some teenagers find it more difficult to deal with them than others. 

These teenagers may find themselves struggling to cope with the emotional turbulences that come with hormonal changes. That’s not all, other issues like teenage exam stress are commonly caused due to high performance expectations and social pressures. Additionally, teenagers with low self-esteem may also face other issues such as social anxiety, isolation and bullying.  

No child is the same, which is why every teen will deal with these changes in their own unique way. As a parent or caregiver, providing your teen with a supportive environment and insightful guidance is really important for their growth.

At The Youth Fairy, we are professional teenager therapists who recognise the importance of a nurturing and therapeutic approach. We believe in helping your child navigate these transformative years with greater ease and confidence, laying a foundation for a healthy and resilient adulthood. 

As a team of experienced teenage therapists, we will offer compassionate support while building a safe and nurturing environment that fosters open communication and resilient change.

If you’re looking for the right programmes for teenage depression and treatment or require therapy for your teen, our doors at The Youth Fairy are always open. We understand that every young mind is unique, which is why our approach to the emotional complexities of adolescence is specific to every teenager we work with. 

Whether it’s personalised treatment for depression in adolescence or therapy for low self-esteem in teenagers, our Fairies will provide your child the help they need. Instead of traditional teen counselling, we adopt a solution-focused approach that focuses on your child’s cognitive functioning as well as their innermost fears, hopes and dreams. Together, we will work with your child to help them build coping strategies and empower them to better deal with challenging emotions. 

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When to Choose Therapy for Teens:
Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

The adolescent years are a difficult time, making it essential for parents to understand when their child is struggling. Looking for cries of help or signs of needing intervention can help your child massively. Recognising what your child truly needs is an essential step to providing support. 

Here are some signs to look out for:

Changes in Behaviour

A common sign among teenagers who require treatment for depression in adolescence is a change in their behaviour. They often find themselves withdrawing from family and friends. With time, they lose interest in activities they once enjoyed and may experience sudden shifts in behaviour that indicate pressing underlying struggles.

Emotional Shifts

Teenage years are denoted with a wave of emotional shifts. However, excessive sadness, irritability or anger that seems out of character may be a sign of emotional distress.

Academic Changes

A noticeable drop in grades or avoidance of school can often be a signal for help.

Physical Symptoms

Changes in eating and sleeping patterns or unexplained physical ailments are sometimes expressions of psychological stress too.

Adopting A Solution Focused Approach To Teen Therapy

Teenage years can often be a rollercoaster ride. At The Youth Fairy, we understand that teenagers may find themselves feeling lost and alone. That is why, as part of our therapeutic process, our teen counselling process instead has a solution-focused approach, that gently steers young minds towards practical and positive change. 

While many different types of therapies can help, we adopt a solution-focused approach to our hypnotherapy sessions, to help your child understand their own brain and inner mechanisms. This enables them to understand themselves better, which further empowers them to develop coping strategies. 

Solution-focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy not only acknowledges the challenges they face but also places trust in their ability to overcome them. Our Fairies work collaboratively, uncovering every teenager’s unique strengths and empowering them to craft their solutions through open communication and mutual understanding.

By focusing on achievable goals and practical strategies, our therapy for teens works towards constructive and positive actions, helping them overcome their inner battles and develop resilience. With a solution-focused mindset, we empower teenagers and children to discover effective ways to cope with and manage stress and depression, transforming obstacles into stepping stones. 


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much to my daughter. She is radiating a beauty and confidence that has not been seen for such a long time."

Why Put Your Faith in The Youth Fairy?

At The Youth Fairy, we are dedicated to helping teenagers and children navigate the years of adolescence with support and guidance. With our training and experience as solution-focused therapists, we believe in taking up a specialised approach for every child, focusing on personalised care. 

We are committed to one purpose – helping your child thrive. With us, your child will build the resilience and strength they need to overcome their inner battles. 

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