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Treatment for Childhood ADHD: What We Offer

  • Qualified therapists who work with childhood ADHD 
  • Support for childhood ADHD
  • Practical strategies for coping
  • Solution-focused approach
  • Emotional understanding and support
  • Encouraging progress
  • Empathetic team
  • Guidance for parents and caregivers
  • Experience working with teenagers and children
  • Free one-hour consultation
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Understanding ADHD: ADHD Therapy for Teens

For young children and teens living with ADHD, life can feel more complex and challenging compared to their peers. Children often find themselves struggling to focus or stay still, whether they are at school or home. 

ADHD is a complex condition that affects every child differently.  Teenagers dealing with ADHD may find themselves dealing with a whirlwind of emotions as they struggle to keep pace with their peers and surroundings, leading to lower self-esteem and social relationships. 

When it comes to helping your child with ADHD, as parents and caregivers we need to understand exactly how it manifests. More often than not, children dealing with ADHD find it more difficult to open up with their loved ones and friends for fear of being judged or misunderstood. 

This is why ADHD therapy for teens is so important, making the process of undertaking daily tasks simpler and less daunting. Tailored specifically for young children and teenagers, our approach celebrates your child’s unique strengths and potential. 

Our Fairies understand that this process is deeply personal and intricately linked to your child’s emotional well-being, which is why we adopt a patient and empathetic approach to our therapy sessions. 

Our therapy services are designed to help your child cope better with the symptoms of ADHD. Beyond managing symptoms of ADHD, our therapeutic process for childhood ADHD helps your child embrace their own unique skills and strengths. 

With a blend of empathy and a solution-focused approach, our goal is to help your child better understand their emotions, identify their unique skills and resources and learn effective coping strategies and tools to overcome their barriers.

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Therapy for Child With ADHD:
Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

When understanding your child’s ADHD, it’s essential to approach the topic with in-depth understanding, care and empathy. As caregivers and professionals, the first step is to recognise the signs and symptoms early in order to support and help your child thrive. 

Here are some common symptoms and indications that parents and caregivers might notice: 

Difficulty In Focus and Attention

It can be difficult for a child with ADHD to focus on tasks, especially ones that call for prolonged mental attention. This could manifest as a lack of attention to detail, making errors in homework or regularly switching between tasks without finishing any of them.


Young adults with ADHD often exhibit hyperactivity and this may appear to be in constant motion. They might run or climb where it's inappropriate, struggle to play quietly or talk excessively. It is noteworthy that although hyperactivity may calm with age, issues related to focus, impulsivity, and self-control may continue well into adolescence and adulthood, particularly without support.

Impulsive Behaviour

Children diagnosed with ADHD can display impulsive behaviour, as they are quick to react without thinking things through. This could include talking over other people, acting without thinking about the repercussions, not waiting for their turn, or having trouble controlling emotions that appear out of proportion to a scenario.

Difficulty In Managing Emotions

Your child with ADHD may frequently struggle to control and regulate their emotions. They might respond with intense emotion, lose their temper quickly or become annoyed. These emotional difficulties are a significant aspect of ADHD that should be recognised and addressed as part of treatment for childhood ADHD as this directly affects their interactions with adults and peers. When it comes to the treatment for childhood ADHD, it is essential to understand and identify the signs and symptoms. As qualified therapists, our Fairies work with your child to develop tailored strategies that can help them manage their symptoms effectively.

A Solution-Focused Approach: How To Help A Child With ADHD

With ADHD, it can be difficult to understand what your child is going through. At The Youth Fairy, our qualified therapists understand the challenges that children dealing with ADHD might face. 

This is why our Fairies are committed to providing the right guidance, ADHD therapy activities and support to you and your child.

By adopting a solution-focused approach, we believe in empowering children and teenagers to develop practical and solution-oriented techniques to manage their symptoms. 

Our therapeutic process for childhood ADHD involves encouraging children to identify their strengths, skills and resources. Through our sessions, we help them develop effective coping mechanisms, with an emphasis on achievable goals and positive outcomes. Over time, we aim to help your child to feel more in control of their own emotions. 

At The Youth Fairy, we aim to ensure that every child feels understood and supported. By focusing on solutions, we guide children towards exploring more effective ways to confront their fears. In this way, they build strong coping mechanisms and the resilience and confidence they need to deal with ADHD.

Our goal goes beyond just helping with symptom management. We want to enable all children we work with to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much to my daughter. She is radiating a beauty and confidence that has not been seen for such a long time."

Why Put Your Faith in The Youth Fairy?

As a parent or caregiver, we understand how challenging it can be to watch your child struggle. If your child is dealing with ADHD, it can be difficult for you to provide them with the support and guidance they need. 

This is where The Youth Fairy can help. With our team of qualified solution-focused therapists, we can provide the right guidance to your child. We are committed to a single purpose – helping your child thrive. With our therapeutic support for childhood ADHD, we aim to help your child feel truly supported and empowered. 

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