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Hypnotherapy for Anger Issues in Children: What We Offer

  • Therapy for anger issues in teenagers
  • Therapy for anger issues in children
  • Solution-focused approach
  • Empathetic team
  • Experienced and qualified therapists
  • Guidance for parents and caregivers
  • A free one hour consultation
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Understanding Anger Issues in Children

Does your child often experience bouts of anger?

While anger is a normal emotion, frequent feelings of intense anger may be a signal of underlying issues that need to be addressed. A child dealing with anger issues may find it difficult to regulate emotions and maintain focus, affecting their ability to achieve goals. Anger issues may also affect their social life, which further leads to feelings of loneliness. 

While it can be difficult to deal with your child’s anger, responding with anger can be destructive. It’s important to stay calm instead and focus on understanding their feelings of anger. 

At The Youth Fairy, we understand that anger issues are more than just tantrums. When a child expresses anger, it can often be an expression of deeper emotions that they are struggling to communicate. In our sessions, we will work with your child to help them understand the neuroscience behind their anger and develop strategies to move forwards. 

For parents and caregivers wondering how to help a child with anger issues, The Youth Fairy are here to help. With our supportive and nurturing approach to anger issues, we help your child to find a way to move forward.

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How to Help A Child with Anger Issues:
Understanding the Signs and Symptoms

When your child is angry, it is easy to feel frustration and at a loss to know what to do. However, when it comes to children with anger issues, it’s important to recognise triggers and signs so that you can provide the right support. Our solution-focused therapy incorporates hypnosis for anger management which targets these signs and symptoms, helping your child find ways to cope with their triggers. Some common signs include:

Frequent Anger Outbursts

Children with anger issues may have intense outbursts, which is usually a sign of emotional distress. Anger serves as an outlet for a child to release pent-up frustration or communicate their struggles.

Aggressive and Dysregulated Behaviour

A child with anger issues may display persistent aggression through actions such as hitting, kicking or biting. These behaviours indicate unresolved anger issues and are usually a way to express frustration especially when they cannot communicate it.


Chronic irritability extending beyond typical mood swings can be a sign that your child is facing deeper emotional challenges.

Destructive Behaviour

Engaging in destructive behaviours, such as breaking objects or damaging belongings, may be a sign of unresolved anger.

Adopting A Solution Focused Approach to Anger Issues with The Youth Fairy

Frustration, rage and tantrums are all signs of anger issues in children and it can be tough for everyone involved. At The Youth Fairy, we understand the challenges it brings firsthand. We empower children and young people with tools to manage their emotions and build healthy coping mechanisms, leading them towards a calmer, happier state.

We will work to address the “why” of anger without dwelling on it, as we like to change our stance to prioritise the “how” of managing it. We understand that every child is different, which is why our solution-focused approach will be just as unique as the children we work with. 

An impactful area of our therapy involves hypnosis for anger management. Using techniques inspired by hypnotherapy for anger issues in children, we teach children how their brain works and facilitate a shift in their emotional responses. 

At The Youth Fairy, we will work with your child to identify triggers and develop personalised strategies for managing anger. Over time, this will help boost a sense of calm and control, helping your child live an emotionally healthy life.

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have given so much to my daughter. She is radiating a beauty and confidence that has not been seen for such a long time."

Why Put Your Faith in The Youth Fairy?

Watching your child deal with emotional ups and downs is never easy. At The Youth Fairy, we are here to provide the support you need. 

Our team of expert solution-focused therapists understand exactly how intense these anger outbursts can become. Using techniques like hypnosis for anger management, we guide your child to gain greater control over their emotions. 

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