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Aged 10


Stress, Anxiety, Transition

I was concerned that Liam’s levels of stress and anxiety were going beyond ‘normal.’ He struggled to manage any kind of change, no matter how small and the pressure of YR 6 was making him physically ill at times.

Sian’s approach is very positive and as the sessions progressed his negative mindset shifted. He managed the week of SATs tests without any major meltdowns and the transition to his new secondary school with similar calm. Before he worked with Sian, that kind of transition would have meant daily meltdowns for more than a week beforehand but, apart from a small wobble on the first morning, you wouldn’t have known that it was coming.

I would recommend Sian very highly indeed: she is calm in her approach and has a lovely manner with children, encouraging them to quickly feel at ease and engage positively with the therapy.